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We talk about the Electric Universe Theory, Ancient Aliens, UFO's, Bob Lazar, Navy Pilots, Tom Delonge, a discovered Pyramid Building Instruction Papyrus and Black Hole's burping out new Stars.

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We talk about Overwatch Grillmaster 76, Synthesizer Music, Danny Carey and Tool Pneuma, Jojo Mayer Nerve, Ian Staer, Christs Calendar and Female Jewish Assassins of WWII…

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July 11, 2020

KSC-161 Darryl Hell

Darryl Hell joins me on the show to have a fascinating open discussion on music, technology, culture, race, politics and art!

Darryl is a modern renaissance man and Culture Warrior. He has an infectious laugh and captivating presence and I thoroughly enjoyed our talk!!!



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The Art of Noise, Trippy Rabbits, Suspended Animation, Viking Grave, Ark of Covenant, Gene Editing, Life Creating, Big Bang Math, Quantum Teleporting, Humid Battery Show.

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The Lifestyle Changing, iPhone Cop Watching, Redefining Ancient History, Graham Hancock, Anthropomorphized Dinosaur, Fusion Laser, Big Apology Show!!!

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