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Buckle up folks! We going DEEP IN THE WEEDS!!!!

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Aspiring musician and artist, Life adventurer Kenny Shaffer joins me on the show to talk Music and.....what else.....BJJ!!!!

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Antony Hämäläinen (born August 28, 1980, in HämeenlinnaFinland), is a Finnish musician and composer living in the United States.

In the early 1990s, he started playing bass, drums, and singing for multiple bands based both in the USA and Finland.

September 2007, Hämäläinen joined the Gothenburg based Melodic Death Metal band Nightrage.

In January 2015, Armageddon the Swedish Melodic Death Metal band led by former Arch Enemy guitarist Christopher Amott announced him as their permanent vocalist.[1]

He occasionally provides guest vocals for bands ranging in all genres of extreme metal both live, and in studio.

In reference to his work on the Nightrage album Wearing A Martyr's Crown, Sputnikmusic wrote "Hämäläinen, from Finland, who has a lot of vocal similarities to Tomas Lindberg, which brings back a resemblance to their original sound from their first two albums". Added to his clean vocals "he can still maintain a melodic edge, but he only does it every now and again within the album; he only does it for the purpose of giving some of the songs a musical edge so the listener doesn’t fall asleep thinking that the only new addition of style is just a higher use of acoustic guitars.[2]

"Tulivalmistelu rikkoo hiljaisuuden, laulu loppuu huuto alkaa. Repii rauta miesta kaataen, juo metsa verta janoonsa"

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Jeff Cote, the Occidental Taoist joins me to talk health, fitness, diet, fasting, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, and classic Japanese monster movies. 


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