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Shifu Careaga and Eric Wilson join me on the show to talk about Christopher Dunn's work on lost Egyptian technologies, Pyramid power Plants, Directed Energy Weapons, Geo Engineering, Tesla, Plasma Conduits, E.A.T.R. Robot, Baghdad batteries, Atlantis, 440 hz, Transients, and Universal Basic Income!

Eric Wilson has a Masters Degree from Purdue University in Technology and works as a Technology Researcher for a large Aerospace Company in Indianapolis. His research in the last year has discovered a link between ancient technology relevant to power generation relevant today. Eric has been working under the guidance of Christopher Dunn, also with an Aerospace background who wrote the Giza Power Plant. We will discuss free energy and potential for huge disclosures coming in the next few months. Eric will be presenting with Chris Dunn on a tour in Egypt March 3-18


Study reveals the Great Pyramid of Giza can focus electromagnetic energy

July 31, 2018 by Anastasia Komarova, ITMO University

"True" Electromagnetism
of Nikola Tesla
Eric P. Dollard
⃝c KazumotoIguchi Research Laboratory
October 4, 2017

Laser-guided energetic discharges over large air gaps by electric-field enhanced plasma filaments


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DAO Holistic Wellness is based on the Chinese philosophy/religion of Daoism. Daoism acknowledges the existence of qi, which might be considered as the energy supporting life, that allows for form and change to exist. DAO Holistic Wellness uses the modality of Reiki to support qi, and consultation services to establish harmony in your life. DAO Holistic Wellness aims to end suffering and bring about quality of living through application of wisdom and strategy.

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What if our history books are wrong and Columbus wasn't the first European to set foot in North America? The Graves of the Golden Bears will challenge some of your core historical beliefs. From the earliest maps of the Gulf of Mexico by the Spanish explorers to the beginning of the 20th century, claims were made that a Welsh prince named Madoc brought thousands of colonists to North America centuries before Columbus. Though those claims were debunked, the claimants denigrated, and much of the evidence was lost or destroyed, some deliberately, the story lives on. Through shrewd and thorough investigation, this book shows that there is high probability and substantial documentation that four different countries knew the stories were true in general even if errant in details. None of those governments were or are yet willing to acknowledge the truth of such a mass immigration. This book tells why. In doing so, it also reveals some of the most appalling political intrigues in history. Prevailing and opposing political and religious doctrines are dissected and the reasons for such a huge, longstanding, and base cover up explained. Using colonial era maps, satellite imaging technology, historical accounts, official documents, archaeological reports, and collaboration with several other researchers the author found the sites of more than forty five ancient fortresses. In addition to the fortress sites that were known by the beginning of the 21st century, the author adds three more that were previously undocumented. The use of satellite imagery allows comparison of the strategic placement of the Ohio Valley fortresses and other ancient structures to those of the British Isles. The correlations of these sites are far greater than chance. Also described in this text are artifacts, engraved stones, coins, arms, armor, and skeletal remains of Old World origin found in the greater Ohio, Tennessee, Chattahoochee, Virginia's New River, and Mississippi valleys.

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Eric Smith joins me on the show for our 50th episode. We talk Crystal Stars, Black Holes, Graphene, H.E.M.A, Plasma Cosmology, Pervert Physicists, The Big Bang Theory, Nunchucks, Elon Musk, AI, and Dune

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Shifu Careaga comes back on the show to talk in depth about his research in Plasma Cosmology, The Origins of Religions, Petroglyphs's, Black Holes, Futurism, Group Think, Tribalism, Planet X, Nibiru, Albert Einstein, Atlantis, Energy and The Art of War!!!!

Referenced white papers and documentation can be found at:



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