For the critically minded, KnowSh!tCast is an entertaining variety show with a focus on what’s new and what’s true in the world of Science, History, Art, Philosophy, Music and more.


We talk about Nero’s Pleasure Palace, Sex Robots, Rick and Morty Dungeons and Dragons, Objective Reality, Plastics Eating enzymes, CO2 into Fuels, SpaceX’s Starlink satellites, Blue Light hoax, Ferrari’s new Hybrid beast, Navy and UFO sightings, Laser Weapons, Upright Supernovas and the computer that predicted the end of civilization.

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KSC-078 My kids join me to talk about life as a young adult and the things they have going on. We talk Twitch, going to College and dealing with overachieving siblings... 

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Neil Thompson

Neil is an Electrical Engineering Technologist and Electric Universe Theorist from New Brunswick, Canada. He has worked with the Electric Universe Paradigm for over a dozen years. A Scholar at EU2015 accepted for writing his paper “As History has Shown” which was a primer for EU enthusiasts. he followed it up by volunteering for EU2016 and writing a second paper “The Internal Constitution of Planets” challenging Eddington’s planetary and stellar formation models where he hosted an EU Creative Arts Workshop. This was the year of the Michael Steinbacher Memorial Geology Tour which he was a tour guide for.

At EU2017 he volunteered again and presented “Fire From the Skies” a look at the nature of planetary capacitance and how it affects incoming meteors. After that he went on several geology tours with Andy Hall, Peter Mungo Jupp, Andrew Fitts, Robert Hawthorne and Bruce Leybourne exploring many hidden geologic gems of the American South West.

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Shifu Careaga Joins Eric and I on the show to discuss his paper, Caer Melyn (Camelot) -Cosmic Hillfort of the King The Yellow Hill (fort) as a Cosmic Hill or mountain motif and symbol of a King's authority.

"The existence of a real Camelot should not be doubted. But the Yellow Fort is not in England,since it was always in Wales where the original British kings lived, in Glamorgan and Gwent. Therewere 38 generations from from Brutus of Troy to King Arthur II (Arthwys), who is the Arthur of theround table (Cybwr). In the locating of Caer Melyn, the work has already been performed, however, hasthe cosmic significance been grasped? In this paper, the author looks at the location and description ofthe real Camelot from the perspective of the Saturn (and Jupiter) Myth, using some of its archetypes andmotifs, in order to ultimately evaluate its relationship to the Divine Right to Rule, and the rose-coloredmemory of a shining castle on a hill."

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KSC-075 Eric Smith Joins me on the show, We talk about Tesla Sex, Cursing Roomba's, Denver Mushrooms, Alien Zoo's, Thermal Batteries, Nunchuk Lobbyists and other things.....

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