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KnowShitCast – is the brain child of creator and host Matt Frazier. The show is focused on the idea of bringing together interesting people for open conversation in the quest for knowledge and information. Coupled with quirky guests and co-hosts, KnowShitCast is an entertaining and refreshing take on Infotainment.


KSC-086 New news stories...I talk about Fake Viral Amusement Park rides, Sex with Airpods, Plastic eating Shrooms, Elon Musk's "Terrible Plot", Galactic Wreckage proves Dark Matter and Adobe's fake detector.  

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KSC-085 Eric Smith joins me on the show. We talk about Star Trek on Mars, Alien Life Odds, Old Islands, Canadians doing good stuff, Deep-Zuck, I am Mother, Moon Anomalies, Stone-age Potheads, Superflares WOOO, Uber Air......and then Eric talks about some sh!t.....



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KSC-084 Physicist Gareth Samuel and Shifu Careaga join me on the show. This was a fascinating conversation that explores the biases inside of Academia and new information that has come to light in Electric Universe theory. I had a blast getting to know Gareth and Shifu is a Rock Star as usual!

Both are my personal nominees for the Intellectual Dark Web for challenging the "Accepted Norms" in the field of too Neal!  

Gareth Samuel

Gareth is a former Physics teacher who loved teaching and explain the simple concepts of Physics.  This passion has lead him to question some of fundamental assumptions about the way the Universe works.  Through the Plasma and Electric Universe he found answers to some of these questions and this started a journey of discovery.  He found much of the material fragmented and difficult to understand so he decided to start a YouTube Channel devoted to helping other understand and See the Pattern of the Electric Universe

See the Pattern YouTube Channel

See the Pattern Blog

Sf. Ramon Careaga

Ramon is a native of Lexington, KY. He attended the University of Kentucky where he received a bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. He also holds a 3rd degree Black Belt most recently testing on May 29th, 2010. He teaches gong fu, tai-chi and qi gong through his school, Wu-Tao-Di, and is currently accepting students; he is accepting students in the Herbal medicine and TCM training privately. At any rate, in an effort to introduce the West to Chinese culture, Shifu endeavors to also represent the medicine as it is: a first rate system of comprehensive health-care (minus surgery). In the West the law limits TCM to the treatment of non-medical emergency, non-surgical, and non-cancer only conditions. Even still this leaves a vast area of human health and concerns to draw upon the 5,000+ years of Chinese Medicine and other alternative medicine history. He is also a business & home feng-shui and astrology consultant. On top of this Sf. Ramon Careaga offers courses in personal growth and development such as Bagua Dharma, 5 Element

Theory and Diet, Self-defense for women, and therapeutic Qi Gong.

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KSC-083 I talk about UFC Bieber vs. Cruise, Eating Beaver, Vegan Whoppers, Florida Flaming Helmets, Avocado Weapons, Angry Gamers, Stupid Moon Sh!t, AI Deepfakes and Mayor Dog.

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KSC-082, I talk about Cold Fusion, Fast Batteries, Quantum Leap Speed, Tricky Emotions, ISS Business, Walmart Robots and more.

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Eric Smith joins me on the show. We talk about "Swallowing" for Science, Flaming Open Heart Surgery, Antitrust Probing, Chinese Mind Control Chips, Getting Naked at Instagram, Sonic Black Holes, Sharp Rocks, Ahhhhhnold Rap, Insect Meat, Alien Worship, Spotify Editors Choice, Dreaming, Schrödinger's Cat, Quantum Conscientiousness, EM Drives, Fake News, Adam Savage and Emergency Windows Updates.

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My daughter joins me to talk about her research into why people feel the emotion of offense and what it means to society. 

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